Workshop Capoeira Odara

Batizado e troca de cordas

The first batizado e troca de cordas of our group Capoeira Odara, is happening!!
And you are all invited on 28th of August 2021.
Make sure that you dont miss out on this special day!
Full of workshops, music, Roda and BBQ.
We invited various special guests that helped us to build up and grow as a group, untill where we are today.
Our special guests are:
Mestre marreta – Escola de capoeira BDO -NL
CM Salaminho – Capoeira Malungos -NL
CM Lisette – Capoeira school Semente – NL
Professor Cosme – Capoeira escola regional -NL
Instrutor Mobilette – Grupo gingaxé -NL
10:45 – 11:00 registration
11:00 – 14:00 workshops
14:00 batizado
Prices: € 35
BBQ €10
Location: Sidelingepark, Rotterdam Overschie
For more info or to registrate, send an email to Capoeira Odara or message us at WhatsApp 0681522907

The event is finished.


28 aug 2021




Baanweg, Rotterdam Overschie

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